A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

February 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

What do I even say… I don’t even know where to start.

I have, like many others, tried an array of diets with little success. Of course I would lose weight with each new food regimen, but It never stuck. Inevitably, the weight would always come back. Sometimes more than the amount lost. Discouraging to say the least. I was the preverbal yo-yo.

Shortly after I was diagnosed with MS, I made the decision to treat and heal my body naturally, with nutrition. I began drinking green smoothies and eating a lot of soups and salads along with healthy fat. My body was getting more nutrients than what it has ever received before. The results were pretty amazing!

I lost 35 lbs. in eight weeks.

It sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?! It was so much easier to lose weight when weight loss wasn’t my main focus and getting healthy was my top priority. This isn’t to say that this was easy by any means as you can see here. This was the beginning of a major lifestyle change for me and my husband.

We had the Standard American Diet, (SAD). We ate plenty of fast food, tons of processed foods, and more than enough high fructose corn syrup to go along with it. When I made the decision to treat my disease with nutrition, I cleaned out all of the “bad food” from my kitchen cabinets and started eating whole, non-processed foods with very little to no grain.

The first 30 days was the green smoothie detox which led to loosing 19 lbs. The following month I added in soups and salads and lost another 16 lbs! Since then, I have added in more grains (sourdough or sprouted only) and began exercising.

It has been almost 8 months since I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets.  I have continued to slowly lose weight as I am eating more of a “normal” diet now. “Normal” used loosely here. In general, I eat what I want, i.e. chocolate chip cookies, but they are made with whole, non-processed ingredients.

All in all, I have lost 40 lbs and have gained a fair amount of muscle. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many inches… But I do know it’s been a few jean sizes! Woot, woot!

Well, I guess a picture is only worth 378 words… 🙂


MS & Diet- No Evidence?!?!

February 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

I found this video the other day and thought it was really interesting!

In general the conventional medical community denies that there is any cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  According to the National MS Society, “many different diets have been proposed as a treatment, or even a cure, for the signs and symptoms of MS, evidence of effectiveness is very limited.”

There are only a handful of accepted treatments used to delay disability with Multiple Sclerosis. These medications come with a whole slew of side effects, which are, at times, worse than the disease itself!

A well respected doctor and professor at the University of Iowa College of Medicine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Before too long, despite the best medical care available, her disease had progressed and she was quickly wheel chair bound… She began self experimentation with diet.

The video below is her story. It’s well worth the time to watch. It’s a testament  to exactly how powerful nutrition can be and  what our bodies are capable of!

I guess my neurologist hasn’t seen this yet… I couldn’t help myself!!

Mr. Neurologist

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A few weeks ago I made it in to my neurologist for my twice-a-year checkup. I was a little nervous about this appointment, due to the fact that I strongly believe that I was misdiagnosed… and it was the neurologist that diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis in March.

A few days before the appointment, I had another MRI to check on the progress of “my MS”. While I would love to tell you that I completely expected the MRI to come back normal with no lesions, I didn’t. I fully expected this to be the worst MRI to date.

As I sat down in the office, we began to go through the recent MRI results. According to the MRI report, I do, in fact, have further disease progression. Which, again, this really wasn’t that surprising.

He asked how I was doing. I told him about the “relapse” that I had and that I am now improving from that quite well. According to the neuro, I am just now coming out of a “MS exacerbation ” that started back in early May.

He asked if I was still doing the “healthy stuff” and seemed somewhat curious about it, without directly saying so. When I originally told him that I was going a natural route, he made it very clear that he disagreed with me and that I should be taking some sort of immunomodulatory therapy, which would be Rebif injections or something along the sort.

He stated that what I was doing was probably fine and good for general health, but it probably wouldn’t help me in the course of my MS. This then led me to telling him that I had a Lyme test ran… before I could tell him wether my results were positive or negative, he literally just shrugged his shoulders! I had the test results in my hands, and he had no interest whatsoever in looking at them!!! I did go ahead and tell him that I was on a number of herbs and supplements with the goal of treating Lyme. He briefly looked over the supplement list and again shrugged his shoulders.

This then led me to ask him, in his opinion, is there any possibility that I have anything other than MS? Without any hesitation, he responded “No, you have the markers for MS.” We then went over the MS makers once again.

Basically, the reason that I was diagnosed with MS was due to two major markers. I have lesions on my brain and spinal cord and antibodies were found in my CSF that was not in the blood. He then continued to tell me he wasn’t really familiar with Lyme Disease and he could refer me to an infectious disease doctor, all while insinuating that it would be a waste of my time, as he was positive of his diagnosis.

We left the office with this closing thought from the doctor… MS is a clinical diagnosis and I am the neurologist and I get to make that call. If I could run a test for it, I would. I’m the neurologist, I don’t know about all of this green stuff, this isn’t what they teach you in neurology school. I’m a neurologist, I’ll give you drugs. That’s what they taught me. I’ll give you drugs.

So, just as a quick recap… You, Mr. Neurologist, don’t know anything about a disease that can can present itself identically to MS, which is probably one of the most common diseases that you diagnose and treat in your practice. And additionally, you are refuting medical test results in order to support your diagnosis with little care to if the diagnosis is actually correct or not.


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