LLMD Checkup

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Earlier this month I had my LLMD check up and she seemed quite pleased with the progress that I have made! Exciting!!! We discussed the Cowden Protocol and the apparent effectiveness that it has had.

I brought up my concern about the MS diagnosis and this possibly being just a remission phase and not necessarily the herbs or diet. Will I have another exacerbation in short few weeks, a few months… or will all of the symptoms completely disappear and stay away?

In her opinion, I do have Lyme disease. At this point, she is unsure if the MS diagnosis is correct or not. Some leading researchers believe that Lyme Disease can trigger multiple sclerosis. However, I came across a medical journal article was recently published reporting evidence strongly suggesting that this is not the case, which is welcomed news.

So, what makes the doctor believe that the Cowden Protocol is working and is contributing to my recoveries? Herx reactions. A herxheimer reaction, or herx for short, is a worsening of symptoms as toxins die off in your body quicker than your body can get rid of them. Frequently after I take my herbs I experience a variety of symptoms, most often being a headache or nausea. In a strange way, the lousy feelings are a positive sign that the Lyme treatment is working…


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