Improvements! Finally!!!

January 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted. I guess that tends to happen when you let a month and a half go by without an update… Eeek, sorry guys. I’l just start from where I left off.

At the end of October, I had the opportunity to head to Nashville and visit Life Fitness Academy, the holistic fitness company that has been helping me out on the nutrition front during this process. While I was there, we were able to fit in a few fitness photo shoots for them, which I was super excited about.

While the photo shoots were a blast to do, it was a rude awaking at how far my health had declined. When on a shoot I usually am able to carry my own equipment with little to no help. However, on these shoots, I needed an immense amount of help to not only carry my equipment, but to walk!

I was stumbling a ton and trying my best to maintain some sort of balance. My leg was dragging regardless how much I tried to focus on picking it up. Looking through the viewfinder was disorienting and each time I looked through it I began to sway heavily. I could no longer feel the shutter button under my finger and had to look repeatedly  to see if my finger was on it…

I had known that things were getting bad, but it was beginning to dawn on me how difficult simple things were getting. I think my symptoms were just as bad, if not worse than the previous exacerbation that I had in Jan-March which I was hospitalized for. I noticed that I was falling an average of two to three times a week.

Shortly after I came home from my Nashville trip, I thought I noticed that my walking had improved slightly. Not enough to be positive though. Was my diet and all of the nutrition finally starting to pay off?!? I wasn’t sure. Then other people began to notice that I was moving around better! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling of knowing that the improvements were not all in my head!

I maintained that slight improvement, which I was incredibly thankful for. Later in November, I had my LLMD appointment and was started on the Cowden Protocol, an herbal Lyme treatment.

After two weeks after being on the protocol, my walking had significantly improved! It has now been a little over two months of being on the protocol and there has been some major improvements! While they may seem insignificant, I assure they were well outside of my capabilities previously. I now can stand on one foot for an extended period of time and touch my nose, sobriety test style. Not necessarily at the same time… I haven’t tried that yet… My walking isn’t quite back to 100% normal, but it closely resembles normal when walking short distances.

While everything might not be perfect yet, it is a far cry from talking to my doctor in early November about handicap parking signs and seriously considering a wheelchair to help me get from point A to B… and that, I can be quite thankful for!!!


§ One Response to Improvements! Finally!!!

  • Dan Worland says:

    Great story! Great new year for you too. Keep doing what your doing, seems to be working. Attitude and will is half the battle and you have that. Keep us posted.

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