One Step Forward… Hopefully

November 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to see a Lyme literate medical doctor. Due to all of the controversy surrounding Lyme, and the assumption that Lyme doesn’t exist in Ohio, there are only three LLMD’s in the tri-state area. Luckily, the closest one is only about a hour and a half away.

Brandon and I drove down and met with the doctor. (It’s not proper edict to post the Dr’s name, due to the possibility of loosing their medical license for treating chronic Lyme disease.) She took the time to review all of my medical records and iGeneX test results. After looking at the test results and reviewing my symptoms, she’s under the impression that it is very likely that I do in fact have Lyme disease. A confirmed diagnosis will only come if the treatment is successful.

So the next step… I just started on the Cowden Protocol, an aggressive 6 month protocol with an array of herbs and a few dietary supplements. While the doctor didn’t touch on diet a whole lot, I plan on keeping a pretty strict, whole food diet with limited grains and lots of veggies. And of course, a daily smoothie!

I have a follow up appointment in a month. I’m praying for a lot of progress between now and then!


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