Sorry, It’s a Little Redundant

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I feel like I have blogged bits and pieces of everything going on without giving the entire picture. So, I’m going to back up and attempt to fill in some of the blanks. I’m sure some of this is redundant if you have been following for a little while, but I feel the need to go over this in order for it all to make sense.

In January of this year I began to experience a series of unexplained symptoms. A long three months and a string of doctor appointments later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For a brief moment, I felt relief. I had an answer and my symptoms and they were no longer unexplained. However that relief was short lived before feelings of fear and uncertainty set in. Through a little bit of time and appointments with my neurologist, I began the process of accepting some of the unknowns that comes along with a MS diagnosis.

Within a few weeks of my official diagnosis, I started my standard MS treatment with Rebif injections (a disease modifying drug) and was all set to follow the typical medical path. It’s not the best prognosis, but I was told that only 25% of people are in a wheelchair and most patients live a normal lifespan. Although, what I failed to realize is how much is in between living a completely normal life and being wheelchair bound or completely paralyzed. However, I began the process of accepting the fact that I have MS and my life will no longer be the same.

However, in an odd twist, I was convinced by Life Fitness Academy to look more into natural remedies that could possibly heal my body and the lesions on my spinal cord. (More in this post.) It’s not exactly a guarantee of a cure, but  the possibility sure sounds better than what the disease modifying drugs have to offer. I figured that the drugs would always be there if I decided that I wanted to go that route.

So, I immersed myself in education. About nutrition, Multiple Sclerosis, the medical industry, and about all kinds of natural, holistic routes that I could take. I was pretty shocked at some of what I learned and am still learning! I began to learn about what all is in our food, the effects that traditional medication has on our bodies and about a few of our government organizations, such as the FDA. In short, I began to see how important food is to our overall health, how detrimental toxins can be, and how our government and medical institutions fails to inform us of all of this.

I began to hope. To hope in the fact that there might be something to the notion that nutrition and a holistic route can lead to a cure. I am skeptical, as I am with most things as of late. I realize that I may come across as crazy (or, as I was once told, in denial…) but without hope, what else is left? There have been plenty ups and downs, and I am sure that there are more to come. I’m just trying to take one day at a time and try to explain some of the events that have happened recently and some of the decisions that have I have made.

I know this post is long, and there is even more to write… so, I guess this is part one. All abut the naturopathic doctor appointment next time.


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