Silver Amalgam Fillings.

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Despite the innocent name name, these fillings are hardly silver at all. In fact, the majority of the ‘silver” in amalgam fillings is actually mercury. The same mercury that is considered to be horribly toxic.

While the American Dental Association has maintained that the amalgam fillings are completely safe, there have been quite a bit of research that may indicate otherwise. Some studies have linked mercury toxicity to several autoimmune diseases, including MS.

This theory alone was enough for me to get my mercury fillings removed. (Well, I also met someone that had a MS misdiagnosis that was actually mercury toxicity. Pretty crazy stuff!) I had this done a little while ago, back in May I believe. Unfortunately, no, I have not seen any difference in my symptoms. It was worth a shot, right?

Overall, I’m glad that I went ahead and had them removed, especially after watching the video below. It is pretty interesting video and gives a great visual of what these fillings can do inside your mouth!


Much Needed Update

September 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

I think it is suffice to say that I have been a blog slacker. With over a month since my last update, this may be somewhat of a long post.  Thanks to those who have continued to follow along and that have let me know that you have noticed the lack of updates! It makes me feel like I am actually talking (or writing) to someone.

Unfortunately, in the past month and a half has been a little rough. I can give you umpteen reasons of why I haven’t been overly inclined to sit down and write about everything that’s been going on… But when it comes down to it, simply put, I’ve been physically getting worse and haven’t wanted to hear “I told you so.”

Despite everything, I still believe that using nutrition to treat MS is better than the alternative of MS drugs. I know some of you are shaking your head while reading… but I still believe that nutrition will come through for me, eventually. I just wish that eventually would come sooner rather than later. I guess I’m still working on that patience thing.

More specifically, I am currently having some trouble walking due to balance issues. In addition, I have been experiencing muscle weakness (mostly in my legs), poor coordination and partial numbness in my hands and feet. The numbness isn’t completely new, it’s just escalated a bit. I am also having blurry vision, but thankfully it’s only with my left eye. I guess I sound like quite a mess.

I have continued to see minor improvements that I attribute to nutrition. A few weeks ago, I came down with a cold. The sneezing, sniffling, can’t breathe, keep the box of tissues right by you kind of cold. To my surprise, I began sneezing on Friday night and by Sunday night it was completely gone without any medication! I have never had a cold go away that quickly. I have continued to have very few headaches and if I do get them they are very mild in comparison to what I used to get. I have also had pretty good results at battling fatigue, as long as I continue to eat what I am supposed to and get plenty of water in a day.

I have been enjoying getting to eat real food. However, I am still adjusting to cooking everything and not having too many convinces, like pizza sauce in a jar… I have to admit that sticking to a strict eating plan has been a little difficult when results haven’t been immediate. I haven’t been getting in my daily smoothie, and some days my water intake hasn’t reached my daily quota. This week has been much better, and next week will be even better. If this is my path to getting my life back, I have to continue to have perfect nutrition weeks!

I have plenty more to catch up on, but it is getting late and it will have to wait until another post. But I promise it will be soon!

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