Proclaimed Cause of MS?

July 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Previously, I mentioned that there have been a few claims that a cause of MS has been discovered. Several of these claims seem quite ludicrous. One theory actually suggested that owning a small dog or other pets causes MS… According to the National MS Society this theory has since been disproved. Despite a few outlandish theories and claims, one article stood out to me and seemed fairly plausible.

In short, the authors of the article are suggesting that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by a fungal overgrowth in the body, causing a chronic mycotoxicosis. I am not the science expert to translate everything accurately, so you can find the entire article here if your interested.

Intrigued by the article, I had a blood test ran to test the candida (a type of yeast causing fungal overgrowth) levels in my body. I have recently received those results from the lab. Not too surprisingly, the results came back showing that I have elevated levels of candida in my body.

In theory, clearing my body of all of the toxins as well as providing it with the proper nutrition will help my body in healing damage that has already occurred in my brain and spinal cord (as well as prevent any new damage). Luckily, the green smoothie diet that I’m on should help reduce candida as well as aiding in detoxifying my body.

Almost at the end of the smoothie detox! I’m on day 24 out of 30 and I’m so excited for the soups and salads that I will be able to have on day 31!


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