Medical History & Prozac

July 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

After weeks of repeatedly requesting my medical history from my family doctor, I finally received them in the mail the other day. The office reluctantly sent them, and only after I found out that patients legally have the right to obtain a copy of their medical records according to the Ohio Revised Code. (ORC 3701.74).

After reading over my records, I think I might have discovered why doctors are hesitant to let their patients read over their own files. Because the files contain the doctors personal notes and thoughts.

Apparently, based off of my records, your not allowed to cry in a doctors office when you are having unexplained  symptoms of tingling, numbness and a loss of balance. They will think that you need an antidepressant because it is only “somewhat understandable” that you are emotional. Apparently, you can’t be sad when you get a confirmed life changing diagnosis such as multiple sclerosis, or you might need an antidepressant…

I will admit that the diagnosis process wasn’t easy, but I feel like I handled it fairly well considering that any way you look at it, my life was changing forever. There were some initial tears shed, but how many people diagnosed with a serious, incurable disease (according to mainstream medicine) doesn’t let a tear or two fall?

Sigh… I don’t know what to think about it all, but I do know a doctor to refer you to if you need some Prozac!


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