Two Weeks Down

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week has been… interesting. It feels great to reach the half way mark of my 30 day detox. On day one, it seemed like even the halfway mark was forever away, let alone the entire 30 days.

I feel like I’m flip-flopping more than a politician before election day. I keep going back and forth with myself, is this working, is this not working? I know in a few previous posts I was expressing my doubts and in another post I was listing my general improvements. I guess, it’s too soon to make any definite conclusions concerning how nutrition is effecting my MS symptoms. But it hurts a lot less than giving myself shots a few times a week!

All I know, is I was getting really dizzy every time I stood up to the point of almost completely loosing my balance, and that symptom has virtually disappeared. And I have only gotten one headache in the past week in a half… which has been amazing and I overall feel pretty good.

I still have a few MS symptoms lingering around. My left hand and arm is by far the most problematic of them all. I have lost quite a bit of muscle control with it. Things that have always been pretty simple are a lot more difficult at the moment. Typing, fixing my hair, pouring a glass of water… the list can go on. I am anxiously waiting for this symptom to go away.

As soon as it does, I’ll be posting about it for sure! It feels amazing to be on the last half of this detox. Week three, here I come.  16 more days!!!

Talk to you all soon,
MS. Crystal


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