One Week Down!

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Seven long days. Done. Finished. Complete.

There is absolutely no way that I am going to sit here and say that this has been easy. However, it has been survivable. You’ve heard the cliché, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I don’t think there is any other statement that I believe to be more true at the moment, as I was in love with Pepsi and virtually ANY simple carb.

Before I started the protocol of green smoothies, I had beyond frequent headaches. I’m talking, maybe on average, four or so ibuprofen every other day to every three days. Maybe more, I’m not sure. It is so good to say that I have not had a headache in the past few days. This is huge for me. We will see if this keeps up. I sure hope so.

In addition to seemingly always having a headache, I have always really, really enjoyed my sleep. Mornings were almost unbearable, especially if you had to be the one to wake me up (Sorry Mom). As of recently, I have noticed that I have been waking up earlier, despite what time I go to bed. I also have noticed that I seem to be more alert and ready to go than I have ever been before. It has been refreshing.

Earlier, I had mentioned that I experienced detox symptoms for the first few days of the protocol. I am pleased to say they have all stopped and in general, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I am sure the longer that I continue to nourish my body, the better I will feel. Now, if only these MS symptoms will go away… I guess that’s what the next three weeks are for.

In efforts to make 30 days mentally manageable for myself, I have had to focus on shorter goals. I keep telling myself that I have made it half way to the half marker and I have made it 1/4 of entire way! 23 days to go.

Posting Again Soon,
MS. Crystal


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