Sigh… So, I Start Again.

July 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

I haven’t updated the blog in a little while. While I can give possibly a million and one excuses as to the reason of why, I suppose the main reason would be I haven’t done too well on the detox that I said that I was starting in the previous posts… more specifically not at all for a little while.

Green smoothies are not the most appetizing meal that I have ever experienced. Especially  when you have no idea how to make a proper one. I was all set out to create my tasty beverage with celery, kale and other leafy greens that I failed to recognize due to my previous lack of a nutritional diet. I shoved all of the veggies into the blender, topped off with a few strawberries. I hit the button on the blender and watched everything mix into a green colored liquid with the consistency of paste. One drink was all I could muster… it was beyond awful!

After this, I had to talk to Terry from Life Fitness Academy and talk about these smoothies. If I had 30 days of this kind of smoothie ahead of me to look forward to, simply put, theres no way I would make it.

Within a week or so, I was able to Skype with Terry and he helped me make a tolerable smoothie that included quite a few fruits. One that I was able to drink the entire glass. Needless to say, this was a huge improvement from my first green concoction. Now it was only a matter of picking a date to try this all again.

July 6. Right after the 4th of July.

I am at the end of my fourth day today. The past few days have been, a struggle to say the least. No normal food, drinking mostly water and smoothies, and absolutely no ibuprofen or any other drug (including MS therapy shots). If you know me at all, you know that I live off of almost any type of bread, pepsi and ibuprofen. I suppose I just have to look towards the end of this detox where I can introduce foods again… just not the foods that I previously loved.

I have had quite a few symptoms while my body is riding itself of all of the toxins it has been storing. Severe headaches that come and go, intense nausea, and muscle weakness to name a few. In addition to the detox symptoms, my MS symptoms have progressed as well.

One could argue that my MS symptoms worsening is due to me going off of my Rebif shots, however vision changes began in mid May and numbness in my feet began in mid June. As of recently (within the past few days), my hands have become numb feeling with a loss of sensation. The left one has less feeling than the right.

I am trying to have faith in this process, despite my symptoms getting worse in the past few days and not being in love with the smoothies. In some respects 30 days certainly feels like a lifetime. However, I won’t know if this works or not unless I give it 100%. I have 4 days down, 26 to go…

Until next time,
MS. Crystal


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