Proclaimed Cause of MS?

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Previously, I mentioned that there have been a few claims that a cause of MS has been discovered. Several of these claims seem quite ludicrous. One theory actually suggested that owning a small dog or other pets causes MS… According to the National MS Society this theory has since been disproved. Despite a few outlandish theories and claims, one article stood out to me and seemed fairly plausible.

In short, the authors of the article are suggesting that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by a fungal overgrowth in the body, causing a chronic mycotoxicosis. I am not the science expert to translate everything accurately, so you can find the entire article here if your interested.

Intrigued by the article, I had a blood test ran to test the candida (a type of yeast causing fungal overgrowth) levels in my body. I have recently received those results from the lab. Not too surprisingly, the results came back showing that I have elevated levels of candida in my body.

In theory, clearing my body of all of the toxins as well as providing it with the proper nutrition will help my body in healing damage that has already occurred in my brain and spinal cord (as well as prevent any new damage). Luckily, the green smoothie diet that I’m on should help reduce candida as well as aiding in detoxifying my body.

Almost at the end of the smoothie detox! I’m on day 24 out of 30 and I’m so excited for the soups and salads that I will be able to have on day 31!


Medical History & Prozac

July 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

After weeks of repeatedly requesting my medical history from my family doctor, I finally received them in the mail the other day. The office reluctantly sent them, and only after I found out that patients legally have the right to obtain a copy of their medical records according to the Ohio Revised Code. (ORC 3701.74).

After reading over my records, I think I might have discovered why doctors are hesitant to let their patients read over their own files. Because the files contain the doctors personal notes and thoughts.

Apparently, based off of my records, your not allowed to cry in a doctors office when you are having unexplained  symptoms of tingling, numbness and a loss of balance. They will think that you need an antidepressant because it is only “somewhat understandable” that you are emotional. Apparently, you can’t be sad when you get a confirmed life changing diagnosis such as multiple sclerosis, or you might need an antidepressant…

I will admit that the diagnosis process wasn’t easy, but I feel like I handled it fairly well considering that any way you look at it, my life was changing forever. There were some initial tears shed, but how many people diagnosed with a serious, incurable disease (according to mainstream medicine) doesn’t let a tear or two fall?

Sigh… I don’t know what to think about it all, but I do know a doctor to refer you to if you need some Prozac!

Two Weeks Down

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This week has been… interesting. It feels great to reach the half way mark of my 30 day detox. On day one, it seemed like even the halfway mark was forever away, let alone the entire 30 days.

I feel like I’m flip-flopping more than a politician before election day. I keep going back and forth with myself, is this working, is this not working? I know in a few previous posts I was expressing my doubts and in another post I was listing my general improvements. I guess, it’s too soon to make any definite conclusions concerning how nutrition is effecting my MS symptoms. But it hurts a lot less than giving myself shots a few times a week!

All I know, is I was getting really dizzy every time I stood up to the point of almost completely loosing my balance, and that symptom has virtually disappeared. And I have only gotten one headache in the past week in a half… which has been amazing and I overall feel pretty good.

I still have a few MS symptoms lingering around. My left hand and arm is by far the most problematic of them all. I have lost quite a bit of muscle control with it. Things that have always been pretty simple are a lot more difficult at the moment. Typing, fixing my hair, pouring a glass of water… the list can go on. I am anxiously waiting for this symptom to go away.

As soon as it does, I’ll be posting about it for sure! It feels amazing to be on the last half of this detox. Week three, here I come.  16 more days!!!

Talk to you all soon,
MS. Crystal

Friends on My Shoulders…

July 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

Yesterday just might have been the hardest day for me yet. I battled with myself for most of the day against none other than my arch nemesis, Graters Cookies and Creme Ice Cream. I felt like a pregnant lady fighting a severe craving. I guess the major difference was I didn’t feel the need to combine pickles and tomato juice with it (or whatever you all crave).

I could almost feel the weight of the little angel and devil perching on my shoulder. The arguments between the two were endless.

You could go and get a pint from Kroger. The credit card statement would just say Kroger, Brandon (my husband) wouldn’t know what you bought.

Do you really want to sacrifice the week you just completed?

How much could it really hurt you? Your taking a ton of probiotics. It’s just one time.

Do you really want to see if nutrition will cure MS?

I could go on. Like I said, the thoughts were endless! In the end, I am proud to say that I didn’t go to Kroger and buy a pint, nor did I go through the Graters drive through for a double scoop.

Sometimes it feels really hard to stick with something that you don’t know for sure if it is working. All I know is I really want some real food and my MS symptoms are progressing. Right now my entire left arm is week and muscle control and coordination are proving to be quite difficult. I’m pretty sure I would fail the sobriety test where you have to touch your nose.

All in all, I have only been doing this nutrition thing for a little over a week. I was on my Rebif shots for over three months, which I realize isn’t a lifetime by any means. But, in spite of being on the shots for over three months, I still had symptoms that were coming back and new ones that were developing while being on therapy. So, I’m not sure how well it was working either. I have only been off of my therapy for two weeks now. Six missed shoots. The only new symptom that has developed within those two weeks of no therapy has been the symptoms involving my left hand.

There has been numerous studies done on each of the different MS therapies and the results are touted by the doctors and the pharmacy companies themselves. Point blank, not much research has been done on the effects of nutrition and MS. Dr. Roy Swank began researching in the area of nutrition had reportedly had amazing results. There have been claims by the pharmaceutical companies that his results could not be duplicated, however I haven’t been able to find the medical journals that show these studies.

All in all, I have to try. I literally have to tell myself this everyday. How long will it take to reach recovery? I have no idea. I hoping sooner rather than later… We are on day 9. 21 to go.

Talk to you all soon,
MS. Crystal

One Week Down!

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Hip, Hip, Hooray! Seven long days. Done. Finished. Complete.

There is absolutely no way that I am going to sit here and say that this has been easy. However, it has been survivable. You’ve heard the cliché, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I don’t think there is any other statement that I believe to be more true at the moment, as I was in love with Pepsi and virtually ANY simple carb.

Before I started the protocol of green smoothies, I had beyond frequent headaches. I’m talking, maybe on average, four or so ibuprofen every other day to every three days. Maybe more, I’m not sure. It is so good to say that I have not had a headache in the past few days. This is huge for me. We will see if this keeps up. I sure hope so.

In addition to seemingly always having a headache, I have always really, really enjoyed my sleep. Mornings were almost unbearable, especially if you had to be the one to wake me up (Sorry Mom). As of recently, I have noticed that I have been waking up earlier, despite what time I go to bed. I also have noticed that I seem to be more alert and ready to go than I have ever been before. It has been refreshing.

Earlier, I had mentioned that I experienced detox symptoms for the first few days of the protocol. I am pleased to say they have all stopped and in general, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I am sure the longer that I continue to nourish my body, the better I will feel. Now, if only these MS symptoms will go away… I guess that’s what the next three weeks are for.

In efforts to make 30 days mentally manageable for myself, I have had to focus on shorter goals. I keep telling myself that I have made it half way to the half marker and I have made it 1/4 of entire way! 23 days to go.

Posting Again Soon,
MS. Crystal

Neurologist Appointment

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I met with my Neurologist today. Honestly, I was dreading it. The thought of having to defend my decision to go off of all medication just didn’t sound appealing to me. Despite all of my fears, I think it went a lot better then I had expected. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a lecture on my decision to not take my MS medication.

Although, he did make it clear that he didn’t necessarily agree with my decisions, but would monitor me based off of scientific data… aka magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI. Therefore, I have a MRI scheduled for the end of December. This MRI will be compared to the last MRI that I had done in March… It should be a pretty good progress marker.

So, all in all, I guess time will tell. I hope it turns out to be a good Christmas present!

Just a Thought

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Maybe I should add some photographs to this blog… Photography is only my profession… I’ll work on it.

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